Trail Blazer™ Snowmobile Insurance

Trail Blazer™ Snowmobile Insurance

Trail Blazer™ Snowmobile Insurance

When the powder hits the trail, suit up with a plan that can be customized to fit your needs.

Trail Blazer™ is affordable snowmobile insurance that leads the pack in coverage and protection.

Allen Insurance Group’s Trail Blazer insurance is customized to meet your specific situation.  It was designed by riders, for riders, so you can rest easy knowing that it offers the exact coverage snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts require.  We know that every sled and every snowmobile rider has a different insurance need, which is why we created Trail Blazer™.

What happens if your machine falls through the ice? Together with the help of an Allen Insurance Group specialist, you can develop a snowmobile insurance policy that’s right for you as each insurance company handles this coverage  differently.

We provide insurance plans for various machines, whether you drive an ATV or snowmobile, you’ll have peace of mind while doing something you love.  Coverage is also available for your trailer and sidecar.

Snowmobile and ATV Insurance

Liability Insurance:

  • Protects you if you cause injuries or death to someone else or damage their property in the event of an at-fault snowmobile or ATV accident.
  • Liability Insurance consists of two main coverages to protect you when you are liable and will also pay for legal defence costs if a lawsuit is presented by the third party.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage – This coverage applies to an at-fault snowmobile or ATV collision that causes injuries to another person. This coverage also helps to pay the expenses for third party medical expenses such as x-rays and treatment.

Property Damage Liability Coverage – This coverage will help prevent out of pocket expenses to pay for repairs to someone else’s vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident causing property damage.

Accident Benefits Coverage

  • In Ontario it is a mandatory part of your snowmobile insurance policy.
  • This coverage will provide payments for expenses you incur when you are injured in a snowmobile or ATV accident.
  • If you’ve been injured in an accident, regardless of who caused it, accident benefits cover expenses not covered by OHIP like medical rehabilitation, caregiving, loss of income, funeral expenses and death benefits.

Direct Compensation Property Damage

  • In Ontario it is a mandatory part of your car insurance policy and this will provide coverage for damage to your snowmobile due to an accident, if you are not at fault.
  • If your snowmobile is damaged in a collision, your own insurance company will provide payments for the expense to repair your sled or ATV.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

  • This coverage will pay for damages when you or one of your passengers are injured in a snowmobile accident caused by another person who does not have liability insurance.
  • This coverage applies when you are involved in an accident with an uninsured rider.

Additional Coverages to protect your Snowmobile or ATV

Collision Coverage

  • Pays to repair your sled or ATV when it’s damaged from hitting another snowmobile, pole, tree, guardrail, fence and other objects.
  • Covers your snowmobile for physical damages sustained when you are at fault in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Pays to repair your sled or ATV from other types of accidental damage unrelated to collisions.
    • Hitting a deer or other animals on the trails
    • Falling objects – like a tree
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Windshield damage from stone chips or cracks

All Perils Coverage

  • This option combines the Collision and Comprehensive coverage with one premium charge and one deductible.
  • Combining these coverages helps to protect your sled from the many types of situations or accidents causing physical damages to your snowmobile or ATV.

Trail Blazer™ offers affordable coverage that protects you and your sled, so this winter enjoy your ride knowing that at every turn in the bend you’re riding with Trail Blazer™.

Note – rules for insurance coverages and discounts vary by insurance company.