Whether you are planning for investments or for retirement we can ensure your money is protected

Investment Savings

Investment Savings Accounts offer a secure place to invest your money.

At Allen Insurance Group, we offer Investment Savings Accounts from some of Canada’s most respected financial institutions.

Choose an Investment Savings Account that earns high interest -considerably higher than the average of the major banks – on every dollar, with no minimums, no service charges and no fees.

Getting started is simple. Contact an Allen Insurance Group advisor to find out what type of Investment Savings Account is right for you.

Retirement Savings

It’s never too late – or too early – to start thinking about saving for your retirement. Unsure of where to invest your RRSP this year? Allen Insurance Group offers flexible retirement savings accounts from some of Canada’s most respected financial institutions.

Choose from RSP Investment Savings Accounts, RSP Guaranteed Investments or RSP Short Term Guaranteed Investments.

An Allen Insurance Group advisor will work with you to develop a strategy to ensure your financial goals are met upon retirement. Call today to get started.

RRSP Loans

Don’t let a lack of cash keep you from taking advantage of this powerful financial tool this year. An RRSP loan can help you realize tax savings, increase the eventual size of your RRSP, and help you stick to your savings plan.

Manulife Bank RRSP loans offer convenience, competitive interest rates starting at Prime, automatic approval, and a 90-day loan payment deferral option. And you can make extra payments to your loan at anytime without additional fees.

To learn more about RRSP loans, or to arrange for your RRSP Loan, contact an Allen Insurance Group advisor today.