About Us

About Us


We are a dynamic company dedicated to providing superior strategies, service and solutions to protect your future. People are our business.

We can be defined by five simple truths we live by.

Professional Excellence

Professional excellence is integrity in action. You have needs and we have solutions, so we will always do what is in your best interests – anything less is a disservice.

This begins with building strong relationships, maintaining effective communications, instilling confidence and being adaptable to any situation.

Excellence is in the details.


We recognize we must grow, change and evolve in order to exist and be viable to you. This is a collective growth – not just within our organization, but also alongside you and your family. It’s also a dependence and reliance on each other to constantly move forward and celebrate our collective successes.

Growth is about learning, developing and exploring. It’s also a journey, a sense of adventure and a curiosity.

We take growth, and all the aspects within it, very seriously.


Our success has been built on hard work, sound thinking and calculated risk. Contentment cannot be found in past successes. We are creative and forward thinking in preparing for your next challenge. Sometimes life throws you obstacles which are opportunities in disguise when you improvise, adapt and overcome.


Respect is trust, honesty, transparency and thoughtfulness. It is looking at what really matters to you and sharing your goals.

Collective Spirit

Our collective spirit is an energy that defines us and makes us unique. It is an attitude, an enthusiasm and a belief that together, anything is possible. Everyone has something to offer, something meaningful to share, and the sum total of those experiences allow us to better take care of you and connect with the communities we serve.

Our Company History

Originally established in 1903 by Peter Ewing, Allen Insurance Group started in a tiny office inside the Town Hall in the village of Warkworth, Ontario, with the vision of serving the insurance needs of the South-Central farming communities. As the village grew, so did the brokerage and in 1928, Grant Allen joined the team and wrote, what was at that time, the first and only auto policy for the brokerage (there was only one car in the village).

Today, Allen Insurance Group has a dedicated staff of over 60 individuals taking care of the insurance and financial needs of the seven communities that we service.

Our Promise: We’ll take care of you.

At the end of the day, that’s why we are here, that’s why they call it insurance. At Allen Insurance Group, claims take precedence over everything else. Rest assured that when you need us most, we’ll be there for you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Family business built on family values.

We’re a family owned business with deep roots in the communities we serve and live in.

Our company was founded over a century ago on simple values…honesty and integrity. These same values guide us today, and those values will never be undermined. We conduct ourselves accordingly in all of our business affairs and maintain that tradition.

Committed to our communities.

We’re committed to being part of the communities that we live and work in. We proudly support and sponsor local events in our communities, and we’re even more proud of the fact that our employees donate their own time and efforts to local organizations, service clubs and charities.

Your rights as a customer of an independent Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario.

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