Insurance Trenton

Insurance Trenton

Insurance Coverage for Trenton Residents 

Allen Insurance Group is proud to be the go-to insurance provider in Trenton, Ontario. We have been providing Trenton residents with comprehensive insurance coverage for years and with our deep roots, we understand the Trenton community.

We offer dynamic, tailor-made insurance solutions and explain the features and benefits for each coverage to help you purchase the right policy for you. Our team of insurance specialists will work with you to craft an insurance policy that provides the exact coverage you want and need.  You can rest easy knowing that Allen Insurance Group Trenton will take care of you.

Insurance Services You Can Rely On 

Allen Insurance Group Trenton is the #1 insurance provider for a reason. We offer a wide range of insurance policies and coverage options to suit all Trenton residents. Our insurance services menu offers six categories: Commercial Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Recreational Insurance, and Farm Insurance. Within each category are several different coverage options.

Our Commercial Insurance offerings include Business Insurance and Trucking & Fleet Insurance. With many signature policies for your lifestyle, we are proud to offer  Auto Insurance coverage that range from First Time Insurance and AccuRate Insurance to Second Chance Insurance and Classic Car Insurance.  Allen Insurance Group will protect you and your family with our Life Insurance policies relating to Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Health & Dental Insurance. 

How Does Trenton Insurance Cover You? 

Each of Allen Insurance Group’s policies come with their own specific coverage. However, generally speaking, you can expect all of our policies to protect you from risk. For example, our standard Business Insurance is designed to protect Trenton business owners from all risks relating to their business, their employees, and their customers. Similarly, our Auto Insurance plans aim to reduce the financial risks associated with driving, keeping you and your family safe on the road. 

Signature Coverage for Your Unique Needs 

Beyond our general insurance offerings, like Auto Insurance and Business Insurance, Allen Insurance Group Trenton is also pleased to offer Signature Coverage options that suit the unique needs of Trenton residents. Our Signature Coverage offers various insurance products including Wedding Guard wedding insurance, On Board Boat Insurance, The Getaway Cottage Insurance (for your second home), and Trail Blazer Snowmobile Insurance.

How to Get a Trenton Insurance Quote?

Receive a free quote on your Trenton insurance today by giving us a call at 1 877 924 2632. Alternatively, you can also use our convenient “Get A Quote” tool, available on our website. 

To get started, click “Get A Quote” in the top right-hand corner of this webpage. You’ll then be asked to fill out some basic information about yourself and the type of insurance you require (Auto, Commercial, Home, Life, etc…). Finally, click “Submit” and an Allen Insurance Group specialist will contact you with your complimentary quote. All Allen Insurance Group quotes are 100% obligation-free. 

We Are the #1 Insurance Provider in Trenton 

Let Allen Insurance Group Trenton protect you from risk. Our tailor-made insurance policies and customer-first attitude make us the #1 insurance provider in the area. Whether you require First Time Home Insurance or Equine Insurance for your farm, we’ll take care of you. Contact us today to receive a free quote on any one of Allen Insurance Group Trenton’s policies.