Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Congratulations on your new home purchase!

Allen Insurance Group, in partnership with your real estate agent has prepared a simple and affordable home insurance quote designed specifically for your property.

Our team is excited to learn more about you and your unique insurance needs with a goal to save you time and effort in obtaining insurance for your new property.

Your Pre-approved Homeowners Quote

  • Saves you time and effort in obtaining insurance to assist with a smooth house closing.
  • Affordable and reliable quote with enhanced coverage features and ease of doing business.
  • As part of the onboarding process, we’ll connect with your lawyer providing all of the insurance documentation required for your home closure.

We’ll work closely with you to obtain a few additional details for your past homeowner experience and updates to your new home in providing the most accurate quote for the best possible price with customized coverage.

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Signature Home Insurance Coverage

  • Maintain your quality of life should your home or personal possessions suffer damages in the unfortunate event of a fire, windstorm or other type of insured loss.
  • Comprehensive water coverage to protect your home, furniture and belongings from the severe damage that can occur from water damage claims.
  • Protection available for breakdown of your home systems such the air conditioner, furnace, kitchen appliances and other electronics.

We can also help protect your Mortgage

Insuring your house and your belongings against unforeseen events is crucial and mandatory if you hold a mortgage. What happens to your mortgage owed if something happens to you?

Life Insurance may be just what you need to ensure your loved ones are financially protected in the event of your death. Have the confidence that you are not leaving parts of your lifestyle for others to manage in the event of your premature death.

Benefits of Life Insurance for your Mortgage:

  • You own the policy.
  • You name the beneficiaries.
  • You decide the limit of coverage.
  • The value of your life insurance policy will never decrease.
  • Your family’s future and financial well-being is protected.
  • Your beneficiaries have funds to pay for more than what’s left owing on your mortgage.
  • Your beneficiaries can use the death benefit for whatever expenses they wish.

Claims Advocacy

Our team will hold your hand and guide you through our claims process.  We advocate for your claims situation to ensure you receive the best claims service from your insurance company.

Our Promise – We’ll take care of you

At the end of the day, that’s why we are here, that’s why they call it insurance. At Allen Insurance Group, claims take precedence over everything else.

Rest assured that when you need us most, we’ll be there for you – 24 hours a day.