Boat Insurance in Ontario

Boat Insurance in Ontario

Boat Insurance in Ontario

Before you take to the open water, Get On Board™

Owning a boat is very similar to owning a motor vehicle. While it gives you the freedom to enjoy all of the beautiful parts of Ontario during the spring and summertime, owning a watercraft also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that you, your passengers, boat, and other boaters are safe at all times when you are behind the wheel.

There are thousands of boat owners across the province of Ontario. However, unlike motor vehicle insurance, insurance for your watercraft is not mandatory. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that you should be out of the water without a comprehensive insurance policy that protects you from personal liability in the event something unexpected should occur. As such, if you are a boat owner in Ontario who doesn’t currently have boat insurance, are looking to switch insurance policies, or have recently purchased a new watercraft, then the professional insurance team at Allen Insurance Group is ready to explain the benefits of the coverage options available to help you purchase an insurance policy that works for you.

With the help of Allen Insurance, you can rest assured, knowing your best interests are protected while you are enjoying your boating holidays or weekend adventure.

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#1 Boat Insurance in Ontario with Allen Insurance

At Allen Insurance, we have over 100 years of insurance industry experience. Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of working alongside thousands of boat owners across the province of Ontario by helping them craft an insurance portfolio that reflects their needs. We understand that not all boats or boat owners are the same. Because of this, we are highly dedicated to working closely with each of our customers to create customized boating insurance portfolios that genuinely represent the needs and expectations of each individual customer. With the help of our expertise, you’ll feel confident each time you head out onto the water. Here is how the insurance team at Allen Insurance is prepared to assist you:

Our boat insurance covers:

  • Sailboat Insurance
  • Jet-Boat Insurance
  • Fishing Boat Insurance
  • Cruiser Insurance
  • Houseboat Insurance
  • Pontoon Boat Insurance
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance
  • Motorboat Insurance

Policy Coverage Highlights 

Here is a closer look at what boat owners can expect when choosing with Allen Insurance Group for their boater insurance:

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you if you are accountable for creating property damage, injury, or death to a third party as a result of a boating accident. If a complaint is filed against you, this liability coverage policy will pay for all emergency care expenditures and attorney costs.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Coverage for third-party injury sustained by a watercraft accident for which you are found accountable. This includes paying for any legal fees that may arise from a third-party lawsuit.

Property Damage Liability Coverage: This insurance will pay for repairs if you are found responsible for causing severe damage to another boat while operating your boat.

Uninsured Boat Coverage: If you or another passenger is badly hurt in a boating accident caused by a non-insured vessel, coverage is provided.

Boat Collision Coverage: If your boat is damaged in a boating accident involving another ship, large rocks, a dock, or other objects, your repair expenses are covered.

Comprehensive Coverage: Fire, explosions, lightning, windstorms, theft, and vandalism are all examples of accidental damage that is covered.

Agreed Value: This coverage options provides a monetary value for your boat that has been damaged beyond repair and is regarded as a total loss.

Actual Cash Value: This coverage option offers a financial value equal to your boat’s purchase price minus depreciation.

Personal Contents:  Coverage for the belongings in your boat that are damaged as a result of an insured loss are covered.

Additional Coverage Options

Loss of Use Coverage: Pays for travel expenses incurred as a result of complete boat loss or damage, such as a replacement boat, rental car, or other transportation needs.

Emergency Towing Coverage: Towing your boat to repair marina after a collision or complete breakdown when using your boat is covered.

Land Transportation Coverage: Cost of transport on land after an insurance loss within a given radius is covered.

Vermin Damage Coverage: Boaters are kept safe from damage caused by vermin such as raccoons, squirrels, and others.

Furthermore, your boat policy may also cover the following boat parts, including:

  • Equipment that is permanently attached to your boat
  • Boating accessories including radar, geo-location instruments, and more
  • Specialized boating equipment, including fishing gear and more
  • Hull
  • Fittings
  • Furnishings

Factors that Influence the Cost of Your Boat Insurance in Ontario

We recognize that every boat is unique. As a result, the price of your boat insurance will differ depending on a variety of considerations. Here is a closer examination of some of these variables:

  • The age of your vessel
  • Your watercraft’s model and size
  • Your boat’s overall length
  • The motor or engine type
  • The purchase price or the bill of sale
  • The horsepower of your engine or motor
  • The top speed at which your boat can move
  • The places where you plan to travel with your boat
  • The location where your boat is maintained

Savings and Discounts For Your Boat Insurance

Watercraft, car, and home discount: When you bundle your insurance policies, such as home, auto, and boat, you can save money on your premiums.

Dry dock discount: You may be eligible for a discount based on the length of time your boat is stored on dry land.

Claims free discount: When you have no previous claims on your liability coverage within the last three years, you could save money on your boat insurance.

Training discount: If you have completed the power squadron course, you may be eligible for a discount.

Choose Allen Insurance Group for your Boat Insurance in Ontario

Allen Insurance Group has proudly worked with thousands of boat owners throughout Ontario in the last several decades and with years to evolve our skills and enhance our knowledge helps to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best customer service and high-quality insurance solutions they can rely on.

When choosing to work with the insurance specialists at Allen Insurance Group, you can rest assured knowing that we uphold the values in providing professional excellence and respect to our clients. We’ll help you navigate the insurance process to help you understand the benefits and features of your coverage and how it relates to your situation.

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