RV Insurance Cobourg

RV Insurance Cobourg

RV Insurance Cobourg

Enjoy the freedom of the open road knowing that we have your back if you need us.

If there is one thing many Ontarians enjoy most, it’s getting out onto the open road and exploring all of what the province has to offer. Whether you’re exploring one of the many provincial parks or camping at one of your favorite sites close to home, your RV is essential for your family’s comfort and safety. 

This is why it’s crucial you have the proper RV insurance coverage to enjoy your travels with peace of mind, knowing you and your belongings are protected. 

RV Insurance in Cobourg with Allen Insurance Group

Allen Insurance Group offers custom, comprehensive insurance packages to RV owners in Cobourg. We understand that every RV owner has different needs and expectations for their insurance. This is why our insurance specialists are here to work closely with you to tailor a plan that works for you and your RV.  

With over 100 years of operating within the community, we’re here to help you protect you, your RV and family.  

Options for RV Insurance in Cobourg 

When choosing Allen Insurance Group for your RV coverage, Cobourg residents can have peace of mind that we’ll take care of them with coverage options for various types of RV’s and travel trailers.  

Stationary Trailer Coverage: Non-Motorized

Park Model Trailers: Generally used for short-term, recreational travel, park model trailers are designed for seasonal accommodation and offer comfortable overnight sleeping arrangements for those who enjoy camping in style.

Permanently Parked Trailer: Specially designed to remain in one location for an extended period, permanently parked trailers are typically larger in size. They also feature added comfort, including front porches and solariums.

Mobile Home: A mobile home is a manufactured structure found in RV parks or private property. However, mobile homes can be used for permanent residence or seasonal use due to their strategic design.

Towed Trailer Coverage: Non-Motorized

Travel Trailer: Known as a recreational vehicle, travel trailers are typically towed behind a car or truck. They are used for seasonal vacationing and are the #1 most popular type of non-motorized RV.

Tent Trailer: This type of trailer is a camping unit that collapses and folds into itself when not in use and for more accessible transportation. It offers the benefits of fresh air, refrigerators, and a sturdy wall structure, making it the best of both worlds when camping.

Fifth Wheel Trailer: A fifth-wheel trailer is larger than other non-motorized RVs and requires the strength of a full-size truck to travel between locations. Additionally, this type of trailer features an overhang that sits above the bed of the transporting truck.

Non-Motorized Trailer Insurance Policy Features

Coverage highlights with Allen Insurance Group’s non-motorized trailer insurance policy:

Premises Liability Insurance: While not an automatic feature in many non-motorized trailer policies, premises liability insurance feature applies to your trailer when detached from its towing vehicle.

Golf Cart Liability: Golf cart liability protects you in the event that you cause property damage or bodily harm to a third party when operating a golf cart.

Personal Contents: To ensure your personal items stored within your trailer are safe, personal contents coverage provides insurance against damages caused by an insured loss. These items can include dishes, bedding, clothing, sleeping bags, and more

Replacement Cost: A replacement cost coverage will pay to replace your RV if it is damaged during a total loss. For example, in the event that you are traveling, and your trailer is knocked over by strong wind as it is being transported to your desired location.

Actual Cash Value: This coverage option is the actual cash value, which is calculated based on the cost to replace your trailer less depreciation. The condition of the trailer just prior to the loss and the resale value of the trailer can be taken into consideration to establish the value for the recreational vehicle.

Additional Coverage Options 

Emergency Towing Coverage: Emergency towing coverage will pay for the expense of towing your trailer to the nearest repair shop should you be involved in a collision or experience a complete breakdown when you are in transport.

Water Protection Coverage: Water protection coverage will cover repair expenses incurred as a result of water damage from sewer backup. This includes damage from brown and black water.

Trailer Coverage: Motorized

Allen Insurance Group also provides RV owners in Belleville with insurance policies for their motorized trailers, including:

Motorhome: A motorhome is the largest and most durable RV available on the market. However, due to its size, there are higher risks associated with driving this type of recreational vehicle on the road as they are broader and longer in length. Additionally, motorhomes typically feature comfortable living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and showers, and are generally used for longer travel periods.

Campervan: A camper van features four wheels and is specially designed to provide both accommodation and transportation solutions for travelers. They come equipped with a built-in engine and are known to have pop-up roofs that extend upward when in use or more structured tops.

Motorized Trailer Insurance Policy Features

Liability Coverage: This coverage will pay for the costs related to damages caused to a third party by you or your travel trailer. Liability insurance for your trailer is often covered under your automotive insurance policy.

Property Damage Liability Coverage: Property damage liability coverage protects you from out-of-pocket expenses that may incur as the result of damage caused to a third-party property in the event of an at-fault accident. For example, if you and your trailer rear-end another driver on the road when traveling between destinations.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Bodily injury liability coverage is applied to any at-fault vehicle accident that causes bodily injury to a third party. It will also help cover the cost of any third-party medical expenses. This can include x-rays, and treatment such as active rehabilitation.

Accident Benefits Coverage

  • Payment for expenses that result from personal injuries obtained during a vehicle accident
  • Any injuries that occur in a vehicle accident, regardless of who is at fault, including benefits not covered by OHIP. This includes medical rehabilitation treatment, loss of income, caregiving expenses, funeral expenses, and death benefits.

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage provides RV owners with payment for repairs to structural damage. In addition, it also covers damage to some interior vehicle features. However, this is subject to your insurance *deductible.

Comprehensive Coverage: Wherever the road takes you, it’s vital that you stay prepared against any circumstances, regardless of how unlikely it is to occur. This is why our comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of repairs that occur as a result of non-accident-related scenarios, including:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Vandalism
  • Glass damage

Allen Insurance Group Savings and Discounts for RV Insurance in Cobourg

Allen Insurance Group provides competitive pricing and savings to Cobourg residents who purchase more than one type of insurance policy with the same insurance company. Here are some of the discounts that may apply:

Claims Free Discount: Available to RV owners who have no previous property insurance claims.

Trailer, Car, and Home Discount: When you purchase insurance plans for your home, trailer, and car with Allen Insurance Group, we’ll help you save on insurance premiums.

Get an RV Insurance Quote in Cobourg with Allen Insurance Group Today! 

Allen Insurance Group is a leading source for comprehensive RV insurance in Cobourg. Help protect your livelihood when on the road by building an insurance plan that works with your needs and unique situation. 

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