Home Insurance Ontario

Home Insurance Ontario

Home Insurance Ontario

Home is where the heart is. We’re here to help protect the things you value most.

Home Insurance Ontario

Allen Insurance Group is the #1 home insurance brokerage in Ontario. We have been providing the residents of Ontario with custom, comprehensive home insurance plans for many years. We offer tailored home insurance policies to all Ontario homeowners that are designed specifically for the type of property they own and their unique situation. .

Allen Insurance Group Ontario specializes in home insurance policies that are tailored to the specific needs of different homeowners. Our insurance brokers understand that owning a home and a home insurance policy is a big investment and doesn’t look the same for all Ontario residents. As a result, we take pride in our customer-first service mentality to ensure your investment receives the most suitable, comprehensive protection available in the market. Our specialists will work closely with you to understand your home and lifestyle to design the ideal home insurance policy for you and your property.

Considering the age, construction type, value and the size and location of your property, Allen Insurance Group will provide the home insurance policy that offers you protection against insured perils and reduces the financial stress of owning or leasing a home. We know that home is where the heart is and we want to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to protecting your home and everyone in it. Each of our home insurance policies features comprehensive coverage, so you and your family can rest easy knowing Allen Insurance Group will take care of you. .

The Right Type of Home Insurance for Your Ontario Home

Allen Insurance Group understands that owning a home and purchasing home insurance is a big and important investment in the lives of Ontarians. Our home insurance specialists are pleased to offer a wide range of comprehensive home insurance plans to all Ontario residents. As a full-service brokerage, we have many home insurance plans that can meet the requirements of different Ontario homeowners, no matter where you live, what type of property you have, or whether you own or lease your property.

Our most common and popular home insurance plan for Ontarians is the signature Homeowners Insurance plan. This is available to all homeowners in Ontario based on the type of home you own, and protects you, your property, and others from unintentional perils like theft, wind, and fires.

Our signature Homeowners Insurance plan will simultaneously reduce your financial risk of owning a home and provide you with the right protection you and your family need to keep your property secure. This plan has several different coverage options, so you can customize your homeowners insurance plan to suit the needs of your lifestyle.

We also offer Condominium Insurance for Ontario residents. Condominium insurance is designed for Ontarians that own and occupy a condo that is insured by a Condominium Association, Homeowner Association, Cooperative, or another similar type of organization. Condo insurance plans are different from homeowners insurance plans because condo units don’t have backyards, sheds, garages, and other structures that belong to the property owner. Our condo insurance specialists can offer you comprehensive condo insurance plans that provide protection for your condo unit and its contents, including appliances, furniture, items in a storage locker unit on premises, and more.

The third type of home insurance policy we offer is Tenant’s Insurance. This type of insurance is designed specifically for Ontario residents that are renting or leasing a property, whether it’s an apartment or a house. The tenant’s insurance plan provides protection for the tenant’s personal belongings against insured perils, including fire, theft, vandalism, or other unexpected events.

Allen Insurance Group also offers First Time Home Insurance policies designed for first-time homeowners. Our home insurance specialists understand how stressful the home buying process can be, and we work to make an easier purchase by discussing the benefits for the coverage protection your home needs.

We also offer a Getaway Cottage Insurance plan designed for Ontarians with cottages, summer homes, or seasonal properties. Our home insurance specialists work with you to provide the ideal insurance policy for your home away from home or any additional secondary properties you have.

How Does Home Insurance Cover Your Ontario Home?

Home insurance is a consideration that all residents should have confidence in purchasing, whether you own a home, rent an apartment, have a condo, or own a seasonal property. Allen Insurance Group has dynamic home insurance solutions that provide comprehensive home insurance coverage relating to your property. Our insurance brokers explain the features of the coverage available so you can confidently choose the right coverage for you.

For example, our signature Homeowners Insurance plan protects your home and its contents from damage caused by insured perils like a fire, storm, theft, falling objects, hail and windstorm. It provides you and your family with compensation for temporary accommodations in the event of serious damage to the home that requires extensive repairs or rebuilding. Our signature Homeowners Insurance policy also protects other people in the event you unintentionally cause injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Allen Insurance Group’s home insurance plans various coverage options that you can choose from. Our team of home insurance specialists will discuss the benefits of each option and help you find the home insurance policy that best suits your specific needs. Some of the coverage options available include guaranteed replacement cost, single limit insurance, personal contents insurance, bylaw coverage, personal liability damage, voluntary property damage, and voluntary medical expenses.

Your Tailor-Made Home Insurance Solution

Allen Insurance Group understands that insurance policies can differ and no two Ontario homeowners or home insurance plans are the same. Instead of using a generic approach to home insurance, we ensure that you are in control of the decision-making process right from the start. Our home insurance specialists work closely with you to understand your homeowner requirements and find you the home insurance policy that really fits your lifestyle.

We are here to support an important part of your home buying journey so you can rest assured that your property stays protected.

How to Get an Ontario Home Insurance Quote?

Getting an Ontario home insurance quote is easy with Allen Insurance Group. Simply give us a call at 1 877 924 2632 or use our online “Get a Quote” tool.

If you use our online tool, you’ll be prompted to fill out basic information about yourself and the type of home insurance you need. An Allen Insurance Group specialist will contact you with your free quote, walk you through your options, and answer any questions you have. You can also directly call us to speak with one of our home insurance specialists.

All Allen Insurance Group quotes are complimentary with 100% commitment obligation.

We Are Your #1 Source for Home Insurance in Ontario

Allen Insurance Group is Ontario’s #1 source of reliable, comprehensive home insurance for a good reason. Not only do we offer a range of home insurance plans for all types of homeowner requirements, but we also have a customer-first mentality that puts you in control of the process right from the start.

Our home insurance specialists are here to provide you with outstanding service and provide the best home insurance plans in the market. We’ll take care of you.