Condo Coverage – Allen Insurance Group

Condo Coverage – Allen Insurance Group

Personal Property

Contents that you own that is not fixed to the building including everything that is owned,worn or used by the insured on the premises usual to the ownership or maintenance of the dwelling. This includes contents in your outbuildings that are not motorized vehicles.

Detached Private Structure

Buildings that are not attached to the principal dwelling, used for personal use only (no agricultural or commercial use)

Additional Living Expense

If and insured peril renders the building unfit for occupancy, this coverage provides funds to cover additional reasonable expenses incurred until the dwelling is fit for occupancy.

Volunteer Property Damage

Unintentional direct damage caused by the insured to property of others.

Volunteer Medical Expense

Provides coverage for reasonable medical expenses should a bodily injury accidentally occur on the premises the insured owns or rents.


  • Covers your legal liability arising out of personal actions anywhere in the world.
  • Covers your legal liability arising out of the ownership use or occupancy of premises.

Sewer Back Up

Provides coverage so that public sewer or personal septic system back up into your home and causes damage. Many insurers also include sump pump back up in this coverage.

U1 Betterments & Improvements

Improvements and betterments that you have made to the condomimium unit.

U2 Loss Assessment

Provides coverage should the condo corp levy a special assessment for common elements on each unit owner if the insurance it bought for the building is insufficient. Several reasons:

  1. Underinsurance
  2. Application of co-insurance penalty
  3. The cause of loss is not an insured peril or is excluded under the building policy
  4. Breach of policy condition

U3 Unit Additional Protection

This coverage insures the unit, excluding improvements and betterments, to the amount shown on the coverage summary if the condominium corporations policy is inadequate, ineffective, or nonexistent.