Auto Insurance Ontario

Auto Insurance Ontario

Auto Insurance Ontario

A Signature plan that fits your lifestyle and provides the coverage that you need.

Auto Insurance for Drivers in Ontario

Allen Insurance Group is the leading auto insurance brokerage for drivers in Ontario. We are a dynamic team of auto insurance specialists that always put our clients first throughout the entire auto insurance journey. Allen Insurance Group offers a wide range of auto insurance policies that can meet the varying needs of Ontario drivers. As drivers ourselves and auto insurance specialists, we know the auto insurance process and understand what clients need the most when looking for an auto insurance policy. As a result, we offer comprehensive, custom auto insurance plans that offer Ontario drivers protection, the right coverage, and savings, so they can secure their personal vehicles without breaking the bank.

Driving on the roads can be dangerous, especially when faced with rush hour traffic, construction projects, densely populated areas, and tough road conditions. Auto insurance plans from Allen Insurance Group are customized based on the driver’s needs.  Our team is here to listen to your unique situation and discuss the features and benefits for your coverage options to help you with the decision making process. We want all Ontario drivers to feel safe on the road knowing that one of their most valuable assets is protected against insured perils that can happen unexpectedly.

Auto Insurance that Meets Your Unique Driving Needs

Allen Insurance Group is a reputable insurance brokerage that is unlike any other.  We understand that each driver and car has unique needs when it comes to being on the road. No two drivers are the same and their auto insurance policies should reflect the uniqueness of each driver’s needs. That’s why our expert auto insurance specialists offer many dynamic, custom, and comprehensive auto insurance plans.  Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and design a customized auto insurance policy that best fits your situation.

The auto insurance coverage provided by Allen Insurance Group is divided up into five broad categories. These categories include Automotive, First Time, Second Chance, AccuRate, and Classic Car. Each of these categories offers an extensive list of comprehensive coverage options that you can choose from.

Automotive insurance is one of our signature auto insurance offerings. It offers enhanced coverages that include All Perils and Accident Benefits coverage up to $3,000,000 limit which covers enhanced medical, rehabilitation, and catastrophic impairment to protect you and your vehicle in the event of physical damage or bodily injury caused by an insured loss.

First Time auto insurance intended for young drivers that are first-time car owners and are new to driving and the world of auto insurance as a primary driver. The First Time auto insurance policy is designed to provide young drivers with the protection they need at the lowest price possible.

Our Second Chance auto insurance policy is designed for drivers with an auto insurance claims impacting their record, such as an unfortunate mishap, car accident, speeding convictions or are possibly considered high-risk drivers by insurance companies. If you’ve had a few claims in the past, we will help you find an auto insurance policy that gets you back on the road confidently.

AccuRate insurance is a unique offering for drivers with excellent driving behavior. This auto insurance policy rewards your good driving habits by offering premiums based on conscientious and safe driving behaviour.

Allen Insurance Group is proud to offer Classic Car auto insurance. If you’re a car enthusiast and love adding new cars to your collection of rare, vintage vehicles in your garage, this is the policy for you to ensure your valuables stay protected at all times.

How Does Ontario Auto Insurance Cover You?

Auto insurance is mandatory in the province of Ontario for all registered vehicles. In fact, you’re likely not able to drive your new car off the dealership lot without providing proof of a valid auto insurance policy. We have some of the toughest driving restrictions and regulations in the province, so auto insurance is a must for all car owners. Having auto insurance is important because any accident on the road can leave you in a tricky situation, and we don’t want you to be caught off guard without a proper auto insurance policy.

Allen Insurance Group provides auto insurance policies that offer liability insurance (bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage), accident benefits coverage, direct compensation property damage, uninsured automobile coverage, family protection coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage for accidental damage unrelated to collisions. Whether you’re involved in an accident, fire, or theft, our comprehensive auto insurance policies have got you covered.

We also offer additional coverage options to all customers. These include loss of use coverage, accident premium protectors, and waivers of depreciation which means your car insurance policy will offer replacement value if your new car is damaged beyond repair in a total loss accident. 

Our top priority is to keep you and your vehicle protected in the event of an unfortunate mishap by pairing you with the most suitable auto insurance policy for your situation. For more information on how Allen Insurance Group’s comprehensive auto insurance policies work, give us a call today. Our auto insurance specialists will be happy to walk you through the options available and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Auto Insurance Services You Can Always Rely On in Ontario

Allen Insurance Group strives to provide responsive, high-quality, reliable service to all our Ontario clients. We truly care about our customers, and here to offer the best protection for you and your vehicle.

The auto insurance experts at Allen Insurance Group understand that purchasing auto insurance is no easy decision, especially if this is your first time buying car insurance. When it comes down to it, we all want an insurance provider we can trust which can be difficult to determine sometimes considering there are so many insurance companies in the market. Our team will work with you to develop a customized auto insurance policy and help you purchase the plan that is right for you and your vehicle. 

We represent a number of insurance companies and do the shopping for you.  Rest assured that you’re only receiving the highest quality service that you can confidently rely upon to provide options for with a variety of coverages and auto insurance discounts.

We have been providing Ontario drivers with dynamic, comprehensive auto insurance policies for years and have made a name for ourselves as the go-to auto insurance provider in Ontario. We will work closely with you until you are satisfied with the auto insurance policy that you have chosen. Our fully customizable, all-encompassing auto insurance policies ensure that you and your vehicle stay protected on the road and in storage, reducing your financial risk and providing the peace of mind you deserve.

How to Get an Ontario Auto Insurance Quote?

Receiving an accurate Ontario auto insurance quote couldn’t be any easier with Allen Insurance Group. We offer complimentary, no-obligation insurance quotes to all Ontario drivers. You don’t have to commit to anything until you have found an auto insurance plan that you are satisfied with. To get your Ontario auto insurance quote today, simply give us a call at 1 877 924 2632 or use the “Get a Quote” tool on our website.

To request an online quote, click the “Get a Quote” button in the top right corner of our website. You will be prompted to answer a few general questions about yourself, the type of auto insurance you’re looking for, and the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Once you’ve submitted your answers, one of our professional auto insurance specialists will be in touch to offer your free auto insurance quote. We will walk you through the details of the different auto insurance options available and answer any questions you have about purchasing an auto insurance policy. You can also call us directly to speak with an Allen Insurance Group auto insurance specialist right away.

No matter how you want to shop for your auto insurance policy, we’re here to support your journey in a reliable, obligation-free environment.

We Are Your #1 Insurance Provider for Auto Business Insurance in Ontario

Are you looking for a qualified auto insurance brokerage in Ontario? Allen Insurance Group has got you covered! We are your #1 source for auto insurance in Ontario and promise to always keep your best interest in mind when helping you find your auto insurance policy.

We offer extensive, customizable auto insurance options and a customer-first attitude. To speak with a qualified insurance specialist about your Ontario auto insurance, contact us today at 1 877 924 2632 or use the “Get a Quote” tool on our website. We’ll take care of you.