AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Ontario

AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Ontario

AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Ontario

You can take control of your auto rates with Accurate™

Take Control of Your Auto Rates in Ontario Today with AccuRate™

Our AccuRate™ usage-based auto insurance program is here to help you save money while ensuring you have the coverage you need. With AccuRate™, you have the ability to personalize your insurance rates based on your good driving behaviour.

What is AccuRate™?

This program utilizes telematics technology to gather information on a driver’s driving behaviour, such as distance travelled, time of day, speed, and acceleration.

By analyzing the collected data, the level of risk associated with each driver can be assessed to make appropriate adjustments to their premiums. Drivers who exhibit safer driving habits are rewarded with premium savings. 

AccuRate™ has gained popularity as more drivers seek to reduce their insurance expenses. With the assistance of AccuRate™, you can benefit from a more personalized insurance policy.

How does AccuRate™ work for Ontario auto insurance?

  1. Enrollment: Drivers interested in AccuRate™ need to sign up and consent to monitor their driving behaviour.
  2. Telematics device installation: Once enrolled, drivers download the telematics application for their insurance company to their smart phone.  This device records data on driving behaviour, including speed, acceleration, braking and time of day.
  3. Drive: Drivers continue to drive their vehicle as they normally would while the telematics app gathers data on their driving behaviour for the insurance company.
  4. Personalized rate: Premium discounts are calculated for a personalized rate based on the drivers collected data.
  5. Driving behaviour adjustments: The AccuRate™ program also offers feedback to drivers regarding their driving habits, allowing them to make necessary adjustments and potentially improve their rates over time.

How can I apply for the AccuRate™ Usage Based Insurance Program?

To apply for the AccuRate plan offered by Allen Insurance Group, simply follow these four straightforward steps.

  1. Get in touch with Allen Insurance Group: Contact us through a phone call, online inquiry, or visit one of our local offices to express your interest in the AccuRate plan.
  2. Provide necessary information: You will be asked to provide some basic details about yourself and your vehicle, including your name, address, vehicle make and model, and the year of your vehicle.
  3. Enroll in the AccuRate™ plan: Let us know that you wish to enroll in our AccuRate Usage Based Insurance. You will receive a guide for installing the telematics application on your smart phone and how it works. 
  4. Drive and enjoy rewards: Once enrolled, you can start driving and earning rewards immediately. The telematics device will keep track of your driving habits, and you will have the ability to monitor your progress and observe how you can save on your insurance premiums.

Enroll today in our AccuRate™ Usage Based Auto Insurance program in Ontario

Allen Insurance Group’s AccuRate™ plan is the perfect choice for Ontario drivers who desire customized rates based on their individual good driving habits. With exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and extensive expertise in the insurance industry, we provide all the necessary elements to drive confidently. Contact us today via phone or online inquiry, or visit any of our convenient locations across south eastern Ontario to embark on your personalized insurance experience!