AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Brighton

AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Brighton

AccuRate™ Auto Insurance Brighton

You can take control of your auto rates with Accurate™

Take Control of Your Auto Rates in Brighton Today with AccuRate™

Allen Insurance Group in Brighton, Ontario, offers AccuRate™ auto insurance, a usage-based auto insurance (UBI) plan that utilizes telematics technology to track and evaluate a driver’s behaviour while behind the wheel. 

AccuRate™ offers personalized auto insurance rates based on individual good driving habits. By displaying responsible driving behaviour, drivers in Brighton can potentially reduce their premiums, making AccuRate™ auto insurance an attractive and adaptable insurance alternative for many cost-conscious drivers.

What is AccuRate™?

AccuRate™ is a usage-based insurance (UBI) policy that utilizes telematics technology to gather data on a driver’s behaviour behind the wheel, including the distance they’ve travelled, time of day, speed, and acceleration.

The telematics application is downloaded to your smart phone.

Your insurance company can evaluate the data collected through the telematics app to determine the level of risk associated with each driver and adjust their premiums accordingly. Drivers who exhibit safe driving habits are eligible for a discount on their premiums. 

How can I benefit from an AccuRate™ plan?

AccuRate™ auto insurance offers several potential benefits to drivers. 

Personalized rates

AccuRate™ allows insurance companies to offer personalized rates based on individual driving behaviour. Drivers who exhibit safe driving habits may be eligible for lower premiums.

Safer driving

AccuRate™ encourages safer driving habits by providing drivers with feedback on their driving behaviour. This can result in fewer accidents and improved overall road safety.

Cost savings

AccuRate™ can be a cost-effective option for low-mileage drivers who may not need to pay the same premium as more frequent drivers. Additionally, safe drivers may qualify for reduced rates, potentially resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Overall, AccuRate™ auto insurance can provide drivers with more personalized, cost-effective premiums while promoting safer driving habits on the road.

How does AccuRate™ work for auto insurance in Brighton?

Ready to start saving on your auto insurance, Brighton drivers? Here’s how AccuRate™ plan works:

  1. Enroll: Get started by enrolling in AccuRate™ . 
  2. Install the device: Once registered, you will download the telematics application for your insurance company. It’s super easy to install and will track your speed, acceleration, and braking.
  3. Drive: The telematics app will gather data on your driving behaviour and send it electronically to your insurance company.
  4. Time for an adjustment: Our AccuRate™ program isn’t just about savings, it’s also about helping you improve your driving habits. You can receive feedback on your driving behaviour to show you how to make changes to get the most out of your plan. 

Enroll today in AccuRate™ program in Brighton, Ontario

If you’re looking for usage-based insurance, you’ve come to the right place! Allen Insurance Group’s AccuRate™ plan is the perfect choice for Brighton drivers who want personalized rates based on their individual driving habits. With our excellent customer service and competitive rates, we’ve got everything you need to hit the road with confidence. Call, click, or visit our Brighton location to get started on your personalized insurance rate today!